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Ready for Conscious Evolution?

What do YOU want?

Why is it important to you?

What are your fears?

You can accomplish all of your dreams.

Work with me to create your evolution in conscious manifestation.

Although I have different certifications in many different specialties, they tend to cross over to one another depending on what you need that day

Working through the journey to fitness, you can rely on me to help you stay in the game, even if means we have to talk about the job loss and the relationships.  We might add professional  coaching session before, after or during a physical training session.

Or a session could be comprised of Reiki and Coaching, with a focus on nutrition according to your need.

Your program will be very holistic. You can look for help in mind, body and spirit where there are no definite lines between services.

Life Coaching

Holistic Evolution Design for your physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Life Happens.

Are you feeling stuck?  Looking to regain focus and connection with who you really are?

I’m Here

Meditation Coaching

Learn to release the chaos and tension and find peace.

Become Still. You are Magnificent.

It seems impossible to be still and quiet in our busy lives.  I’ll guide you to the inner peace.

I’m Here

Healthy Living

Eating right doesn't have to be hard. We'll work it out together.

Feed Your Body Healthy Fuel

Take control of your health by choosing the foods that nourish you.  Once your body gets the feel for it, you will love it!

I’m Here

Classes & Workshops

Helping you achieve your dreams whatever they are.

Training for Mind, Body and Spirit

Teaching classes in Edson and Edmonton, select your location and time and join us for some stillness.

I’m Here

Reiki Sessions

When you experience this deep relaxation, it will change your world.

A Path to Bliss and Healing

This healing method from Japan has become a part of my daily life.   True evolutionary healing.

I’m Here

Strength & Functional Training

It will take all you've got. I will be right there with you!

I'll take you right to the Stage

You can do it!  With tools to use your mind, body and your spirit, we’ll work together.

Personal Training

Physique Competition

All services (not including classes and workshops) can be transferred to another service at any time, depending on your goals.