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Best present is your presence

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who isn’t making eye contact?... perhaps looking off into space ...not really listening?? Well that was the 90’s version of non presence ....TODAY, we have many ways to NOT be present that

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!! How does that feel when someone remembers your birthday and wishes you good wishes? How did you feel as a kid when you woke up and knew it was your birthday? Sheer bliss, excitement and joy? I

Everything happens around me, not to me

Have you ever felt the need to surrender to something bigger than yourself? Have you ever felt that circumstances in your life were beyond your control? Life puts us in certain situations for different reasons.  Maybe it is to

On the Verge of Something More

As I reflect back on the year that’s gone by….a year without me participating in a sport that has brought me to exactly where I am today…..a sport that I needed at a time in my life to revisit

Change is Inevitable

Change Is Inevitable Change is inevitable ....I didn't know this before I changed..or at least thought I had changed... I have changed. Sometimes we ourselves notice the changes we are going through.  Sometimes it's through the eyes of others