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I am a former highschool math teacher that loved teaching (I still do!), but I felt that as my own health needed attention (I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis when I was 24), I took the time to investigate natural health methods as proper nutrition and exercise as my medicine. It interested me so much….with my teaching background, I felt the need to help others.

I am a wife and a mother to a growing teenager.  I love family holidays and traveling to exotic locations to learn more about how people live simply.  We enjoy hiking, skiing, snowboarding, yoga and other activities together.

My work is my life and my life is my work.  I hope to bring that intrinsic happiness to peoples lives by helping them with their evolution.

Reiki launched me forward

The Reiki training I obtained was over a 2 and a half year period.  I am trained in Saito Komyo Usui Reiki at the third and final level, Okuden.

I was intrigued by learning the practice of Reiki after I received treatments that noticeably relaxed me and opened my eyes to a different spiritual awareness in me.

The way Rob and Lorie Saito facilitated and created their flair to the program I was soon a believer that this was the manual to myself that no one had provided!

To teach from a place of nonjudgment and to shift our perspective from one of fear to that of love. Choosing love.

This was life changing and I couldn’t wait to share this with my clients and people close to me.  By the end of the third level, my awareness had shifted to that of oneness, love, and nonjudgement of each others’ journies.  By far the most life-changing training I have taken for my own growth and evolution.

It was so much a part of my evolution, that I have used the key ingredient to the training in my website banner.  I learned through Saito Komyo Reiki  that it is not my darkness that frightens me.  It is my light.  And I became ready to shine it.

Want to deepen your yoga practice and look into Yogacara Global?  I’m sure you’ll love their training as much as I did!

Flowing Into Yoga

Coming from a physical fitness (and natural bodybuilding) background, I knew I enjoyed the physical component of Yoga and how it made my body feel.  My tight muscles during intense training time for shows had me needing something more than lifting heavy dumbells.  In my last season and year of training in this capacity I introduced Yoga into my weekly routine.  The results to my flexibility and my hand/wrist strength was astounding.  The way energy moved through my body and connecting to my breath in turn also quieted my mind and was a movement meditation.  I felt the need to enroll in a Yoga teacher training, to deepen my own practice and to receive another perspective on Yoga itself.

I found Yogacara Global online and discovered they led teacher trainings all over the world. Yoga combined with my love to travel was just what the Universe wanted for me!!

I welcomed the 3 week intensive for long days and immersing in the beautiful scenery of the big island of Hawaii.  Yogacara; literally “yoga practice”; “one whose practice is yoga”,  offered a beautiful balance of Yoga teachings and theory (Yoga Sutras, Mindfulness and Meditation) and Asanas and anatomy ( the poses).  The intimate group of 11 of us not only were students but we became a little family over the 3 weeks learning about each others journeys, vulnerabilities and personalities.

Yogacara has unique locations for al their teacher trainings.  Their extra trainings such as Restorative and Yin, are supplementary to gain educational credits and hours toward their 500 hour teacher training. They also have amazing programs and online courses to study further into the theory and anatomy of Yoga. All of this and even a mentorship program to learn under guidance of professionals.

Meditation Came Next

As the physical part of Yoga began to clear my mind as I connected to my breath, I benefited from the meditative aspects.  This made me more curious about sitting in meditation, in addition to the movement practice.  I had tried meditation in years prior, but still found it hard to focus and be rid of the busy traffic of thoughts in my mind.  I was invited by a friend, a little over a year ago to Lifestyle Meditation for a special Winter Solstice meditation.  The energy in a full room of meditators was just what I was searching for.  The beautiful ceremony led by Mandy Trapp was everything I hoped for in a guided meditation .  It interested me so much that I enrolled in the initial 25hr teacher training that following spring.  By then I had some tools to use in my own meditations and I had developed a daily practice.

The training provided me with a perfect blend of scientific and spiritual knowledge that I was yearning for.  I began teaching meditation right away and immediately it deepened my own meditations as well.  I am a forever learner and longed to go deeper into the history, philosophy, and my own awareness.  Lifestyle Meditation also offers a 200 hour teacher training for this purpose for teachers that want to go deeper into their awareness. I took this training in August 2017 before my Yoga teacher training, and it was life changing.  I consistently offer meditation classes whether separately or embedded within a Hatha Yoga class.  I am passionate about the benefits that I have noticed, like reduced anxiety, improved immunity and greater sense of self and purpose.  I am grateful to have studied 400-500 hours in these life changing disciplines.

Pro Cards in Figure and Ms Fit body (Physique)

Favorite DYNAMIS Products:
Amino Pulse and Harmonix

B. Sc. B.Ed. Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Group Exercise Instructor (Spin and Resistance)

Other Interesting Facts:
I love hiking and camping in the summer and skiing with my family in the winter among all the hours of training in the gym!

Other Education

  • BSc/Bed Highschool teacher for 8 years
  • Certified personal trainer Nait and Canfitpro (10 yrs experience)
  • Nutrition and Competition stage coach for 5 years
  • Pro card holder in natural Bodybuilding federation (WNBF) – 4 top ten placings at World events
  • Reiki Levels 1 and 2
  • Meditation Certification
  • Canfitpro Educator
  • Erickson LifeCoach certification