Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!!

How does that feel when someone remembers your birthday and wishes you good wishes?

How did you feel as a kid when you woke up and knew it was your birthday? Sheer bliss, excitement and joy? I asked my son how he felt or feels when he wakes up on his birthday, not even knowing what is planned for that day…..immediately his eyes lit up even ASKING him the question!!

We know it was the day we were brought into this world,  that is looked upon fondly by our parents as they reminisce constantly about the trials and tribulations that surrounded the day…only today with the greatest of joy….and zero regrets.  To receive that love and attention…..

Watching other people’s reactions, whether it be strangers or friends when you say “it’s my birthday”!! Let’s be honest…. It just FEELS good…. And when we feel good we are in the vibration of love…not fear.  We are in alignment with what the universe has in store for us that we have put out there!! Our emotional needs of:  being loved, seen, heard, safety and belonging…. are so important to our human experience! Four out of five of those are met by simply treating people with love and kindness.  YES, like it’s your birthday EVERYDAY!!!

When our emotional needs aren’t being met we go into a state of stress…which triggers into our sympathetic nervous system (aka, fight or flight).  This causes unnecessary blood pressure and heart rate to elevate and hormones that we don’t need in excess to float around in our bloodstream.  When we feel joy, love, and our needs are being met, we tend to take deeper breaths, smile more, and feel a sense of peace and contentment.  This triggers our parasympathetic nervous system which calms our body by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure and increases our immunity and sense of peace.

In addition to our health, by adopting the notion of being reborn everyday, we become present. The here and now is all that matters as we spend the present moment in joy and gratitude.  So the next time you hear that it is someone’s birthday, “feel” the positive energy around that and realize you can spend each day living your birthday.

How do you share your kindness with others?


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