Everything happens around me, not to me

Have you ever felt the need to surrender to something bigger than yourself?

Have you ever felt that circumstances in your life were beyond your control?

Life puts us in certain situations for different reasons.  Maybe it is to meet someone we are supposed to, or perhaps it is to have a specific experience.  My Yoga Asana practice can also embody the idea of “Pranidhanat” (from the Yoga Sutras, meaning surrender).

When we visit poses that are not as physically challenging, like Mountain pose (tadasana), are we willing to surrender to our stillness and breath.  On the other side, when we do visit a physically challenging pose like Garland (malasana), or even more so like headstand or handstand, are we willing to surrender to what our body will do with that pose that day.  Will our wrists be fatigued?  Is our core strong and up to the challenge?  Am I willing to surrender to the present moment of what that pose looks like for me now,…rather than in the past or in the future.

We can adopt this idea of surrender into our daily life when things don’t go exactly as planned or when we find ourselves questioning “why” things are “happening” a certain way.  I was registered for a Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica this year and I received the dreaded email that is was cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  My heart was in my stomach and I worried for about half a day that my dreams would be on hold indefinitely.  Until, I made myself mindful of surrendering……. Everything was happening “around” me ( not to me)….the way it was supposed to.

The Universe had my back.

Yogacara emailed me saying there was a teacher training in Hawaii two weeks after the previous training was to begin.  I felt very confident and taken care of as I welcomed the idea to surrender to the outcome.

As I have now completed my teacher training and am now blissfully teaching classes back home, the whole premise of surrender was confirmed.  The location and people that I have met were the reason my plans changed.  The Universe really DID have my back.

I am transferring this into all facets of my life and certainly back on my Yoga mat as I evolve as a teacher.

“Everything is as it should be…” is a concept I would like to take home to share in Yoga and Meditation classes and among others in my daily life.

The Universe has your back.  How are you willing to surrender?


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