Change is Inevitable

Change Is Inevitable

Change is inevitable ….I didn’t know this before I changed..or at least thought I had changed…

I have changed.

Sometimes we ourselves notice the changes we are going through.  Sometimes it’s through the eyes of others that we see.

Change can be physical, emotional, spiritual or all three.

This poem is something I was inspired to write after the life changing program of learning to be a life coach…

Everything is the same….but different…

The sun rises….rises above the horizon….

Are you rising? Or are you the same…but different

Everyday…a different color of sky.  The same sunrise, but you are seeing it through different eyes.

Driving the same road, keeping within the lines

Do you want to crossover?

Into a different lane?

It’s all the same

But different

Are you ready to get into the passing lane?

It’s all the same.

But different.


Between the lines.

The same.

But different.

Ready for the passing lane?

All different.

With the




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